We run our own certificate authority, for friends and family. Please download our CA certificate by clicking this link.

  • If you are prompted to trust the certificate, trust it for all the options available.
  • If the file is downloaded to your computer, double click it and hope that it is installed into your key-chain.
  • If the certificate is added to your key-chain, open the certificate preferences and trust it manually.

Contact us if you would like a certificate sighed by this authority.

This authority is not official, and so certificates signed by this authority will result in security error messages on verification unless this certificate is installed and trusted on your client devices.

This authority is convenient for:

  • Signing and encrypting email messages, so that your name and organisation appear on in the signature.
  • Adding SSL support to the back-end of your websites, for maintenance over a secure connection.
  • Once-off trust for multiple certificates. In other words, if your device trusts this CA, it will trust all the certificates signed by it.

You can also follow this great guide and create your own self-signed certificates, or your own certificate authority.